Who the #$%@ is “Michael D. Cameron”? [updated 2005-11-18]

Today was my birthday and some joker decided to send to my work a large bouquet of flowers, mascotted by a teddy bear, tied with a big pink ribbon and a card which read:

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
you love Java
and I love you.
You are my Ace
lets share
another cup of
Java soon.
Happy Birthday
Michael D. Cameron.

It’s not a work mate, they wouldn’t include the Java reference. Only a handful people know the name (and therefore could figure out the location) of my new place of employment. Revenge will be swift.

Update 2005-11-17

Upon inspection it appears the flowers are in a fairly heavy glass vase which surprised me. They were delivered from Jane Price Florist and the vase is priced at $25-30. All in all I am guessing the package cost between $70 and $100 (the teddy however was free). So this wasn’t a cheap prank. That makes me a little worried :-S

Update 2005-11-18

Here is a photo of the flowers on my desk:
Flowers on Desk


14 comments on “Who the #$%@ is “Michael D. Cameron”? [updated 2005-11-18]

  1. That’s just weird. Happy Birthday anyway. For some reason I had it down in my calendar as December. Are you going to post a picture of the flowers? It might provide a clue.

  2. I think that is very sweet. Definitely a secret admirer. I hope you were suitably embarassed and that you got heaps from your work mates. Did you carry the flowers home on the train? That would have been great. We definitely need a picture of the flowers with you posed with them. I am serious.

  3. PS I think you should remove the ‘fuck’ from the title as the page read by many

  4. I’m not going to believe a word of this story until I see photographic evidence of :

    a. The flowers
    b. The teddybear
    c. The Ribbon
    d. Will holding them looking like “the most beautiful programmer in the cosmos”
    d. All of the above on the train.


  5. Photos were taken yesterday as requested. Now I just have to get the bloody things off my XD memory card (old camera, misplaced cord).

    a, b, c) done

    d.1) sorry I’m not in the photo
    d.2) the flowers are currently adorning my desk, why would I want to move them?


  6. Thanks for investigating. Do The Mill investigators charge for their time?


  7. Photos have been taken, I will try to upload if I can transfer them off my card.

    Being that you wern’t high on my suspect list, I’ll assume you are telling the truth about not remembering the date ;-)


  8. A photo is coming although I am not in it.

    No, I didn’t take them home on the train, as funny as that would be to everyone else I’m sure ;-)


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