Michael D. Cameron Revealed

And so it turns out that it was all three of my suspects – Paul, Rhys and Dave, as revealed Sunday night:

[7:32pm] <divzero> I have narrowed it down to three (hmm maybe I should add Trish to the list?)
[7:33pm] <spiff> I don't think so
[7:33pm] <Cameron> Maybe it was Paul's friend Michael{
[7:34pm] <Dave> Or Rhys friend Cameron
[7:34pm] <Cameron> or that D_ fellow?
[7:34pm] <spiff> or all 3
[7:35pm] <Cameron> That's absurd Paul, then the price of the prank would be split three ways and it isn't evenly divisible by 3.
[7:35pm] <divzero> This conversation almost feels choreographed
[7:35pm] <Cameron> Why would you say that?
[7:35pm] <divzero> All three of you were in on it wern't you?
[7:35pm] <Dave> yeah - and one of them wouyld have to have a credit card...
[7:36pm] <divzero> But what signifigance did "Michael D. Cameron" have?
[7:36pm] <spiff> Paul *Michael* Doessel
[7:36pm] <Dave> D. Schiefelbein
[7:36pm] <Cameron> Rhys *Cameron* Parry
[7:36pm] <Cameron> Now that *was* choreographed
[7:37pm] <spiff> wait for it
[7:37pm] <Dave> cmon will - you can do it
[7:37pm] <divzero> Michael D. Cameron?

I’m kicking myself I didn’t solve it. I had at one stage thought of middle names (though not knowing people’s middle names did not help). Having the D in there is a bit of a trick really, not following the middle name pattern and all (I was wondering at once stage actually if the D was for Doessel).

Well done though, ’twas a clever prank, I tip my hat. It’s nice to have closure on the prank too!

Alison was quite releaved that I didn’t have a stalker.


8 comments on “Michael D. Cameron Revealed

  1. That is not the full IRC convo.

    I believe The Mill should reveal the rest of the convo, and the prediction of how the convo would go down.


  2. Well I didn’t think the full conversation (at least the one I partook in) was needed for my story.

    I assume there is a private converation that I was not privvy to? That would be fun to see :)


  3. Nothing, it is true.

    But it does confirm that Michael D. Cameron is not a stalker (as was feared) :)


  4. Yes, he has stalkers, three of them, but I know them and as far as I am aware that don’t have any sexual desires for my boyfriend – phew ;) – so I’m good now!

    Good prank by the way Michael D. Cameron – you definately got him scared, embarassed and thinking!