Air China – RTW Ticket Rebooking – Easy!

I have a mega RTW Start Alliance (*A) ticket, ticketed on Air China Paper. I picked Air China because:

  • You must be ticketed with a carrier who flies your first leg – sucks, because UA has cheaper taxes which would have made the ticket about a grand cheaper
  • Air China allow free date changes, as does UA (but I couldn’t pick them). Air New Zealand does not – they charge NZ$50. As I have 16 flights, and plan to change 14 of them – I don’t really want to pay $50 a pop.

I was a little worried the ticket change process would be a pain – however it is easy. I just called the Melbourne office (at least I know they can speak English!), and put through the change.  And I picked a more civilized departure time to boot.

So I’m going to max out my visa, and stay in china a massive 1 extra day!  woot.  Still, it was a good dry run of the rebooking system – now I am not worried for the remaining 13 rebookings that I will have to do.

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