Milk Jug – Canadian style

This is a sweet invention.  It’s a milk jug that you don’t have to wash out every day, or worry about the contents expiring without your knowledge.  Plus you save the environment by reducing wasteful packaging.

Instead of buying milk in cartons, Canadians can buy it in bags.  These bags fit conveniently into stylish plastic milk jugs, all you do is cut the corner and pour.

If I ever have to create a society – this is how you will drink milk.  And there will be lots of lotte pies.

Canadian Milk Jug

Update: “milk bags” are also everywhere in South America, though I never saw this type of jug being used or sold. The jug really makes the whole concept IMHO.

2 comments on “Milk Jug – Canadian style

  1. You just cut a small hole in the corner, and don’t reseal. I never thought of that, but I guess it helps that the cut is small. You can fold it a bit. China seems to have bagged milk, although different (carton bags, not plastic), but no jugs that I have seen…

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