iPhone Design Stuff

This is a really useful App Icon template. Thanks Dustin!

A list of sweet app websites (mine’s not in the list, no surprise there :`( )

A really sweet tutorial on creating an awesome App website

Some common App design mistakes.

And this cool conversion app. I just bought it, even though I have a units converter already, and a currency converter which does a better job than this app (displaying all the currencies at once), it was just too damn slick to resist. Wish I could make videos like theirs. And thanks for the 3.0 adoption info! That encourages me for when I go 3.0-only next month (I was worried to lose sales, but maybe this won’t happen).

Also, creating beveled buttons, iPhone PSD mocup toolbox and this guy is just damn awesome.

All from a single google query !!! not bad, not bad at all. I feel like some tea.

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