Why is there no iPhone to iPad tethering?

So I have an iPhone.  It’s always in my pocket.  It has a 3G connection.

I can share the 3G Connection to a laptop.

So why the hell can’t I share this connection to an iPad? Even a Jobs-derided “Net Book” can use the iPhone’s 3G connection.

What’s worse is that this is not only technically feasible, but it’s been done!  What a slap in the face.

So now we have to buy another data plan? Even if you’re willing to pay it’s not (currently) easy to find Micro-SIM 3G plans in all countries.

Thanks Apple, thanks AT&T :-/

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  1. Here in the U.S. it looks like the right solution is something like the Verizon MiFi 2200, a portable WiFi to 3G hotspot that can handle up to 5 WiFi devices at a time. If you must go iPad, get one of those, but my experience with the iPad thus far gives me about 15 minutes with it before I go get my laptop because there’s something I want to do on the iPad that it won’t and the laptop will.

  2. Interesting Dan, I guess it makes more sense if you’re going to pay for a 3G plan it may as well be for something you can share with all devices. Given that the 3G model costs more, you can spend those savings on a base-station. Nice idea.

    It really annoys me that the iPhone can operate as a base station (people have released Apps on Cydia that do just that), but that Apple restricts it (perhaps at the behest of AT&T).

    I wonder if AT&T didn’t offer unlimited data, and made people pay for data like every other carrier if they then wouldn’t have to strong-arm Apple into locking down the use of 3G. I’ve seen several (non-AT&T) plans now that offer tethering for free. As the plan has a fixed limit amount of data, the carrier just doesn’t care how you use it. Works for me…

    Interesting side effect of the proliferation of MiFi devices at the iPhone 4 keynote… I read some interesting suggestions these devices can cause some issues even in places like Starbucks if everyone is using them. I wonder if the 802.11 group will come up with some protocols to avoid such interference in the future?

    Other ideas I’ve had for the iPad (which I don’t own, yet): lug the laptop around, you can share iPhone -> Laptop -> iPad. Wow… what a kludge.

    Or, now that the iPhone 4 will have the same SIM card profile as the iPad, you can just switch SIMs as needed. On the downside, you can’t receive phone calls, and your slip ejector hole will become rather worn. Aside from that perhaps this is the better solution?

    The questions remains in my mind though, why can I use a tethering with the iPhone to share it to a Laptop and a NetBook, yet not a “magical” iPad. Lame…

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