Android Marketplace is Very Limited

I’ve been learning more about Android recently. I like what I see. Seems like cool hardware, some cool Apps, and a good philosophy behind the whole thing (open source OS, “democratic” app approval process).

However as far as making money is concerned, I’m really not convinced this is the place to do it.

I’m not sure just how much is being bought and sold on the App store, but there appears to be a really big deficiency. And that is you can only sell your apps to 13 countries. Not only that, but the rate at which countries are added seems very slow (no additional ones in over a year).

Here is a bit of a deal breaker for Australian developers, they cannot legally sell Android Apps.

Compared to Apple, which can sell to many countries. As one person puts it “Apple is running out of map” when trying to find new countries to sell in. They recently launched support for Botswana, amongst others.

There is a big discussion here

Interestingly anyway can view how much money an App has made (as a range). This is public information! And is used as a shit-filter (like Apple failed to do with star-ratings). As a user, that is cool, I’m interested to see what Apps have done well. As a developer this is terrible! It means a rival developer is able to make a very accurate cost-benefit analysis of whether copying my App would be profitable!! Not so good…

My thoughts for now are: Android is a fine place to create a freely distributed app (which you possibly make money off another way, a.l.a drop-box, or via ads), but as for paid-Apps, it seems that Apple is not only king, but it is a much bigger king with heaps more moolah.

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