A tale of 2M

If you want something done right, do it yourself :-/

I moved into this house back in February.  It has a 1M unlimited internet connection.  I was happy with this at the time, it was better than anything I used throughout 2009, but nevertheless I asked to be upgraded to the best available.  The account is in the landlord’s name (in China, the internet is like gas and electricity – they don’t switch it off between tenants which is really freaking smart).  So I asked my landlord to make it happen.

It took so long I basically gave up.  Until this week, it really started to piss me off (the iPhone SDK is now a whopping 3.5GB which takes a while).

Landlord said he had tried many times to upgrade me at the shop, but they didn’t let it happen.  We tried the chinese language hotline and they said I had to go to the office with my ID card and the landlords.

So today I rang the company (10000), got the English hotline, spoke to #9434.  Asked to be upgraded.  They said sure.  Cost is ¥1958 for the year (pro-rated for the remainder of this year as I’d already paid for 1M). Contract is 3 years with a minimum of 1. I asked what happens if I cancelled it within a year – she said I’d have to go to the store for that (???).  She then asked me the name of the landlord (I gave her the surname but only knew the english nickname – “close enough” she said).  Then she asked me for the ID card number, which fortunately I had from the lease agreement.  And now I will have 2M (and still unlimited) internet in 24 hours :)

I also feel the ripe fool.  Why didn’t I do this back in Feb?  Old assumptions I guess – no Australian teleco would have let me do what I just did.  It seems even the chinese ones don’t – unless you ring the English hotline!  We get special treatment (probably because they know if we go to the shop an hour of miscommunication would ensue).  how nice…

Hope the contract I agreed to on behalf of someone else wasn’t too onerous…  :-/  (shouldn’t be… I think).

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