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AWS, or Amazon Web Services is’s cloud computing arm.

They do some pretty cool stuff like S3 storage and EC2 cloud computing.

Recently EC2 announced the availability of a free cloud “instance” (basically a linux box running in the cloud).  (google ‘aws free tier’ for info).  Publicaly they say it is to “To help new AWS customers get started in the cloud”.

Seems like a good deal to me.  Lets my startup save $200 in the first year and experiment with the cloud.

However, unfortunately I have already been using an AWS service – S3.  While many EC2 instances will use S3, the inverse is not true.  I use S3 on a standard shared hosting setup and it works well.  I would argue that this doesn’t mean I am using “cloud computing” yet (since I’m not running any programs in the cloud, just hosting some images there).

I applied to AWS Customer support to use the free tier, and I was denied, purely because I had already used S3 in the past.  Given my S3-using site is not even live yet, I even asked if I could “delete my entire account and sign up again” (what better way to prove I am new to cloud computing, if not a new signup?).

Regretfully, the AWS Customer Support refused (albiet politely).  Now I can’t understand why they would deny a free EC2 instance to a startup like me – given that I am probably the exact type of customer they want to attract with the free plan – new business, thinking of getting their feet wet with EC2, but unsure how to proceed.

So in conclusion, I have to say that the AWS Customer Support is not nearly as understanding or accommodating as their counterparts (who are absolutely amazing at acknowledging and re-shipping lost orders, for example).

All this has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, because I can’t really work out why my startup should pay $200 for something almost everyone else who is in my position gets for free.  It seems like a poorly thought out, inflexible arbitrary policy.

And now I’m considering other providers.

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  1. look into cloudbees… we had the same situation… i “curiosity registration” prior to the free tier offer. I registered but never used it. Now that our small start-up is using AWS actively, we want to take advantage of Free Tier but can’t. Amazon wasn’t willing to work with us here and for the life of me – this is just semantics… my usage is no different from somebody that hasn’t registered before. Anyway – we were annoyed enough to go to Cloudbees and they have bottom-tier free usage to help you get off the ground – no petty nit-picking regarding the timing of your registration. Google CloudBees… check them out. Good alternative to AWS.

  2. Check out ZSL Inc – cost effective service provider, you get more compititive price than any other in the industry, we hosted our auction portal and account manager portal through them, they are basically a VAR and also handle everything including support services, we are asked to pay additionally for the migration or setup cost, that too pretty decent rate with 3 -4 days of effort, if you need a contact please call peter who the sales contact – hope this helps you…

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