Macbook exhaust fans spinning up at night? Check your screensaver!

I often leave my Mac running overnight, and I sleep in the same room.

I kept noticing something that annoyed me which was the fans would often start whirring at full pelt just as I was going to sleep. The strange thing is that my MacBook (especially the new one) rarely makes a sound during the day. After a while they would spin down.

Last night the penny dropped – it’s the screen saver. The fancy, 3D hardware using screensaver. The moment I woke up the computer, the fan RRP started to reduce. So I promptly set my ‘Display Sleep’ time to 1min, and went to sleep soundly. Before, it was set to 15min – so it would eventually spin down (hence my previous observation as well).

Moral of the story: if you want your computer to stay quit right when you need it to be, use the ‘Display Sleep’ feature without screensavers (as attractive as they may be).

2 comments on “Macbook exhaust fans spinning up at night? Check your screensaver!

  1. I find that long running ‘Flash Ads’ are the biggest culprit to causing the CPU fan noise on my machine. I haven’t used screen savers in years. The screen is either on, or off.

  2. Interesting, I should check that too when going to bed. Once the few websites I use for video embrace HTML5, I’m dumping flash altogether…

    Good move with the screen saver. Though Mac’s “album cover” one is pretty neat. But yeah not worth “wasting” my screen, or fans on.

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