Request: browser tabs should be default:mute

The other day I found myself with about 200 tabs in 5 windows opened. Travel searches (flights, visas, etc), development, questions, and some entertainment.

Then suddenly some music starts playing on my computer. Where is it coming from? Who knows‽ I had to go on a big hunt.

Since I rarely want the non-focused tab to be emitting any sounds whatsoever, I really think a default:mute policy would make a lot of sense here.

Or at least, some visual indication of which tab is emitting sounds, maybe by replacing the favicon.

5 comments on “Request: browser tabs should be default:mute

  1. Awesome idea. There are only a few sites that I actually want to hear sound from. Ads with sound are annoying too.

    PS: You might want to fix the spelling in the title of your post.

  2. Thanks. I’m wondering if we should start a campaign or something? The more I think about it, the more I am certain I don’t want any non-active window playing sound, unless I expressly enable it.

    Perhaps any tab that really *needed* this and wanted you to accept this (I can’t think why, but maybe there are some reasons), could request permission to “play sounds in the background” just like asking permission for the location information. Of course you could still manually-enable sound for sites you wanted to as well.

  3. Rhys you make a good point, maybe even active windows/tabs should be default:mute.

    Sites could request permission to run sounds, this permission could be cached just like the request for your location information.

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