The Confusing State of Windows Phone 8

I’ve jumped on the Microsoft bandwagon in recent weeks, I’m a huge fan of what they are doing in the PC and tablet space, unifying the two devices (a policy I wish Apple would do, rather than just bring GameCenter to Mac, but I digress). Of the key things I liked was the ability to write once, run anywhere. At least so I thought. It appears that WP8 will likely not run WindowsRT apps from the start (gah! I thought that was the whole point of Windows8!).

from PC World:

Unfortunately, Lieberman admits that another holy grail — the capability to run a single app across multiple platforms — won’t be ready with the first release of Windows Phone 8. “We do believe that is a compelling goal that we would like to get to,” he says. “It is something we want to figure out how to get to as quickly as we can.”

As a new company, planning to launch into this space, it’s really confusing what we should be doing. A “near final” beta of the SDK drops September 12, but only to a select audience which is disappointing. With the SDK officially launching on October 28, we have a lead time of about 2 weeks till the Lumia appears, half of which would be taken by submission. That’s not a lot of time to be part of the launch.

Aside: This is a good summary of the risk levels of microsoft technology (WinRT is listed as risky).

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