EarPods: Like a Symphony in my Ear

I’m staying with my 4S (and iOS 5.1) until “Mapgate” is addressed (with Google releasing a Google Maps app, and Google Maps MKMapView drop-in replacement). But I thought I’d still try out one of Apple’s new innovations, the EarPod.

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When you think about it, the earphones that came with your iPhone 4S are not all that different from the ones you got with your cassette-Walkman. It’s great to see Apple innovating in this area.

Boy am I impressed.

I went to put them in, they looked so alien, I didn’t quite know how they should be inserted, so I just stuck them in without thinking (of course, being Apple, this worked perfectly).

The sound is just… richer. And they are far more comfortable – and my ear canals are definitely non-standard (narrower than average). The bass is deeper, and the treble clearer.

They are also warmer. Unlike the 4S earphones, there is no metal that touches any part of your body. Switching to my 4S earphones I felt a cold sensation, as the metal warmed against my skin.

I tended to use in-ear eaphones when I wanted richer sound, however they don’t work for physical activities (they fall out, and transmit touch-noises through the cable), and after a while they get really uncomfortable. EarPods are way more comfortable. The feeling is like a butterfly sitting on my ear, while performing a symphony directly into my vestibulocochlear nerve. I expect they will work while running, and look forward to trying them in an airplane..


The clicker is also vastly improved. The clicker on all my old iPhone headphones always failed after a year. It becomes hard to get the number of taps perfect to skip the song, go back, etc. The EarPod clicker is much bigger, which I think should help – I guess time will tell.

What’s amazing is that these are highly technical, good quality earphones but priced in the range of crappy plastic throwaways. No more do you need to spend $80+ to upgrade your kit earphones, that’s for sure.

The box is also super-cute.

AU$35, US$30 with free shipping.

Box Within a Box

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