The Problem with “Sponsored” Tweets

is that you can be having a conversation, and some bozo with lots of money can just pay to have his voice heard above all the others, regardless of organic social ranking (based on likes/retweets/etc).

Like this, during the twitter debate right now in america regarding the fiscal cliff.

In my opinion, this lessens the use of Twitter as a useful place to have a conversation.

I’m against this whole idea actually, it’s like a newspaper advertisment that pretends to be an article. I prefer honest ads – the kind you can ignore, but occasionally catch your eye. Not the article-cum-ads that trick you into reading them by making it look like curated content (and have you noticed, at least in twitter, how they put the “promoted” tag at the bottom, so if you read a page top-to-bottom, you’ll have already read the ad, before you knew.

It’s reasonable for a platform to be able to make money (gotta pay the bills) – but lets avoid mixing the ads and the content, hey?

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