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Paying for Australia’s Future Broadband

A lot has been made in the Australian media about the cost of the NBN. The Liberal party wants to implement a cheaper solution – albeit one that is less future proofed, and may end up costing more when all is said and done (in the way a clunker is cheaper to buy initially). Actually,   …Continue Reading

No ‘Super’ Tax

Tony Abbott says something right for a change!! “This is a bad tax,” the Opposition Leader said during a visit to Tasmania. “We already have a profits-based tax; it’s called company tax. We already have a way of ensuring that the people get value for non-renewable resources; it’s called royalties. “We don’t need any new   …Continue Reading

Steven Conroy Announces Additional Protocol Filtering

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: Today Steven Conroy accepted the mounting criticism that his proposed “Great Firewall of China – Down Under” would be inept at achieving it’s stated goal of preventing distribution of refused-classification material due to only filtering web traffic. Henceforth, he directed the engineering team to add the GOPHER, TELNET and LIBERAL.ORG.AU protocols to the   …Continue Reading