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Paying for Australia’s Future Broadband

A lot has been made in the Australian media about the cost of the NBN. The Liberal party wants to implement a cheaper solution – albeit one that is less future proofed, and may end up costing more when all is said and done (in the way a clunker is cheaper to buy initially). Actually,   …Continue Reading

No ‘Super’ Tax

Tony Abbott says something right for a change!! “This is a bad tax,” the Opposition Leader said during a visit to Tasmania. “We already have a profits-based tax; it’s called company tax. We already have a way of ensuring that the people get value for non-renewable resources; it’s called royalties. “We don’t need any new   …Continue Reading

Steven Conroy Announces Additional Protocol Filtering

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: Today Steven Conroy accepted the mounting criticism that his proposed “Great Firewall of China – Down Under” would be inept at achieving it’s stated goal of preventing distribution of refused-classification material due to only filtering web traffic. Henceforth, he directed the engineering team to add the GOPHER, TELNET and LIBERAL.ORG.AU protocols to the   …Continue Reading

Conroy is an idiot

It’s confirmed My sentiments exactly.  There is no need for an internet filter to slow down the internet and remove our liberties, while not even satisfying the task it was put there for.