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Bug Report: Build packs on Heroku are not fully applied if you specify the BUILDPACK_URL after creation

This is an issue I am having when trying to use a custom buildpack with Heroku. The intent of the buildpack is to update the version of ImageMagick on the heroku dyno which is over 2 years old.

Fixing the MacBook Pro Retina’s Poor Battery Life

My new MacBook Pro Retina was getting terrible battery life. Less than 2h on full charge! I was extremely disappointed, given I could get about 4h on my last MacBook Pro. Fear not however, it was all in the software. Here’s how I fixed it:

When you have too many apps in iOS…

iOS behaves oddly when you have more app than fit on the 11 allowed homescreen pages. Additional apps are installed. You can find them by searching. But you can’t see them on the home screen, and thus you can’t delete them. What’s worse, is that making room on the final home page still doesn’t show these   …Continue Reading

Why does iTunes need my password so often?

I’ve never used a service which forces me to enter my password as many times as Apple does my AppleID for iTunes and iOS. Sure, if I’m buying a $100 app, or maybe even a $1 app I could expect it. But for free apps, free updates, and simply accessing my iTunes match account it   …Continue Reading

When the thumbnail resize bar doesn’t work in OS X Lion

I’ve encountered this bug for many years now and it shits me to tears. OS X has this great little thumbnail resize bar at the bottom right of Finder’s status bar that lets you change the size of photos you are viewing in Finder. It’s a great way to explore your travel photos, without any   …Continue Reading

Offline GMail

  When I tried to use GMail on the plane (I had used this app earlier in the day to ensure the cache was up to date): Am I missing something? Next time I won’t close that tab…      

Twitter’s Approve or Deny this Request button fails.

Steps to Reproduce: Received Email from Twitter: “so and so has requested to follow you” Clicked the Approve or Deny this Request button. Prompted me to login I login, first attempt succeeded. Shown the default screen.  Not my “pending request screen” This screen doesn’t even have a link or notification about pending requests I click “Followers”,   …Continue Reading

Oh My God They Killed parentViewController

Pre iOS 5, ‘parentViewController’ would return the view-stack’s parent view controller, or the controller which presented that controller when called on a modal view controller. This was the intended, documented functionality of the method, not some mistake. iOS 5 changes this by splitting out the latter functionality to ‘presentingViewController’. Unfortunately, rather than creating 2 new   …Continue Reading

json-framework (now SBJSON) is EVIL

I just had an unforgivable bug due to the json-framework JSON library. It was a regression, as it previously worked well a year ago. When I updated the library back in June, there was a massive flaw: all NSNumbers in NSDictionaries converted to JSON (a pretty common occurance) are limited to 6 significant digits. so   …Continue Reading

UIImagePickerController freezing/hanging in XCode 4.2

The UIImagePickerController docs say: “The delegate methods are responsible for dismissing the picker when the operation completes. To dismiss the picker, call the dismissModalViewControllerAnimated: method of the parent controller responsible for displaying the UIImagePickerController object.” Following other docs, one would think the most reliable way to do this would be [[picker parentViewController] dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES]; (which calls   …Continue Reading