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Fiendish iOS Code Signing ‘Invalid Binary’ Issue

When you’re building a project it’s common to have ‘debug’ and ‘release’ targets. This is true for iOS. In the past, it was common practice to clone the release environment into ‘Ad-Hoc’ and ‘App Store’ distribution targets setup with the relevant signing credentials (to avoid you switching these credentials every build). The danger here however   …Continue Reading

Mysql::ProtocolError with ruby-mysql

Was getting a “Mysql::ProtocolError” when running the ruby-mysql gem with the 64bit version of MySQL on Mac OS X 10.6. Stackoverflow said to downgrade the version (done – modified the Gemfile to specify the exact version), but I still had to modify one line of code to get it to work. The line of code   …Continue Reading

When you thought the DB was UTF-8 but it wasn’t

This post is NOT about converting a DB from latin1 to UTF-8 (as many people had to do when upgrading their blogs, etc to support UTF-8). This is about fixing a database where everything was setup intending to use UTF-8 (so your charset, and collation was set to the appropriate UTF-8 values), but you wrote   …Continue Reading

Hardcore iPhone Memory Debugging

NSZombies is great for finding references to deallocated objects (a common crash issue). But it is less useful when trying to debug a crash in autorelease, especially if the object in question is very common. For that, you can enable malloc logging (in the simulator) and really trace where the object in question was allocated.   …Continue Reading