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Booking Train Tickets in China: Now Even Less Painful

Booking Train Tickets in China has always been pretty decent: there are a bunch of official ticket agents around suburbs and towns, changing ¥5 per ticket as a fee but allowing you to book from the clamness of your own street instead of the crazyness in the station. Recently it got even better. You can   …Continue Reading

Updated China Unicom 3G Activation Process

Buying and setting up a 3G SIM card is getting better and better. No longer do you have to wait to activate your package, and you can even change your package via SMS. You can buy a SIM card for ¥150, which includes ¥100 credit.  To activate it you can simply call any number.  For   …Continue Reading

Sina’s API is Down

Sina (China’s Twitter) has a public API like twitter does, and GPS Log integrates with it. Sadly the API is down for maintenance until Monday (from at least 2 days ago).  Terrible! {“Request”: “/ statuses / upload.json”, “error_code”: “400”, “error”: “40070: Error: limited application access api!”} Thread 1 (not speaking chinese, I had to express myself   …Continue Reading

A tale of 2M

If you want something done right, do it yourself :-/ I moved into this house back in February.  It has a 1M unlimited internet connection.  I was happy with this at the time, it was better than anything I used throughout 2009, but nevertheless I asked to be upgraded to the best available.  The account is   …Continue Reading

Would you steal this bike?

A few months ago, I bought a nice shiny bike in Shanghai, pictured here: I had it for a whole 7 days before it was stolen from the bike rack in front of my building (the “building gate men” [cannot call them guards, as guard things they do not] proved little deterent). I had made   …Continue Reading


Signed up a for a new bank account today, BoC is miles away from my home, no handy ATMs either. Took a bit longer to signup, this ICBC has a longish queue. Took 3 staff to sign me up, passing paper back and forward (the usual). ¥15 to signup, got internet banking working easily, using   …Continue Reading

Bank of China – Wire Transfer Info

Just spoke with the BoC regarding wire transfers and such. RMB is not a settlement currency so you cannot wire it directly.  Instead, whatever currency you wire will sit in your BoC account, in that currency.  Then you must go to the bank with your passport to convert it.  USD$50,000 conversion limit applies per year.   …Continue Reading

Too big to ban?

Living behind the Great Firewall, and with Australia planning a Ruddywall of it’s own, I have begun to wonder, are there websites that are simply too big to ban? Take Facebook for example. First China bans YouTube – annoying, but you can get video content from many places. Twitter is still young, with fewer users   …Continue Reading

Pin Yin input on Mac

This guy has a great writeup on how to get PinYin accents on Mac Once you have the U.S. Extended keyboard enabled you can use the following key strokes to do the accent marks: * Alt+a for the first tone – ā * Alt+e for the second tone – á * Alt+v for the third   …Continue Reading

I wish the rest of the world has such good and cheap food as China

Here’s what US$3.30 buys you in China: And it’s so delicious. Without the drink it’s only US$2.20. In most of the world I struggle to find nice food to eat (even disregarding cost), here it’s impossible not to find something delicious, and probably cheap.