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An open suggestion to 99designs: Support HTML5/CSS3 design contests.

I recently launched a landing-page contest on 99designs that was unsuccessful (following 3 very successful experiences with 99designs, mostly for logos). One thing I realised when looking at the responses to the contest, and re-evaluating my own requirements, is that I don’t actually want someone’s attempt at a landing page in Photoshop, but rather I   …Continue Reading

iPhone Design Stuff

This is a really useful App Icon template. Thanks Dustin! A list of sweet app websites (mine’s not in the list, no surprise there :`( ) A really sweet tutorial on creating an awesome App website Some common App design mistakes. And this cool conversion app. I just bought it, even though I have a   …Continue Reading

Power Adaption – Solved

I was chatting with my mate Paul earlier this year about the power adaption issue and we came up with a neat (but in hindsight obvious) idea – rather than taking 2 plug adapters for 2 devices, take a power board, or double-adapter, that way if you are visiting multiple countries with different adapters you   …Continue Reading

Milk Jug – Canadian style

This is a sweet invention.  It’s a milk jug that you don’t have to wash out every day, or worry about the contents expiring without your knowledge.  Plus you save the environment by reducing wasteful packaging. Instead of buying milk in cartons, Canadians can buy it in bags.  These bags fit conveniently into stylish plastic   …Continue Reading