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Working around ‘error: failed to push some refs’ on Heroku

I had a bad week this week trying to spin up some new Heroku dynos, getting loads of “pack-objects died of signal 13” which is basically the connection being interrupted, even on our relatively small 130MB repo. The Problem: the initial push to Heroku takes a while and can fail especially on large repositories. If   …Continue Reading

Turbocharging git on Mac OS X

This weekend I discovered two awesome graphical tools to improve my git experience on Mac OS X: The most awesome is KDiff3 (search for ‘Apple Mac OSX binary’ on that page for the Mac binary). This is a three-way merge tool with an editing panel below. Seriously where has this been all my life? Amazing.   …Continue Reading


Here are some things that I find useful in git. Basically this is my scratch pad of commands I need. Awesome Cheat Sheet Replacing one branch with another. To set master to be equal to ‘tweaks’ git checkout tweaks git merge -s ours master git checkout master git merge tweaks Merging Stop your local file   …Continue Reading

Checking out a git branch with an ambiguous name

So you have tags and branches with the same name in git. Possibly because you just ran svn2git on a massive repo. Normally you wouldn’t create this situation intentionally. Apparently you can use something like –prefix=svn/ to get around this problem when using git-svn, and possibly on import. After the fact though, here are some   …Continue Reading

Setting a branch to be that of another branch in git

Sometimes you start working in a branch, and that branch basically becomes the master. I had a problem once where merging this branch didn’t go so well – and what was the point anyway? That branch had become my new master. The solution is the ours merge strategy (not to be confused with the ours-conflict resolution   …Continue Reading

Branch and merging in git

So much better than SVN! wow… ref