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Paying for Australia’s Future Broadband

A lot has been made in the Australian media about the cost of the NBN. The Liberal party wants to implement a cheaper solution – albeit one that is less future proofed, and may end up costing more when all is said and done (in the way a clunker is cheaper to buy initially). Actually,   …Continue Reading

Request: browser tabs should be default:mute

The other day I found myself with about 200 tabs in 5 windows opened. Travel searches (flights, visas, etc), development, questions, and some entertainment. Then suddenly some music starts playing on my computer. Where is it coming from? Who knows‽ I had to go on a big hunt. Since I rarely want the non-focused tab   …Continue Reading

Preventing Google from indexing AJAX HTML fragments/partials.

So you’ve created a neat new site using AJAX. Your server code renders up partial HTML pages which you slap directly into the DOM. Problem is, somehow Google found these partials (even though they are only referenced in Javascript), and has indexed them. Furthermore, because they are not whole HTML pages (and not designed to   …Continue Reading

Link Shorteners and the Eternal URL

URLs are (or should be) eternal. Once you create some content and slap it up on the web, people will start referencing it. If you change the URL or remove the content, then these references break – which is sad. Enter link shorteners. All of a sudden, you are referencing a whole bunch of content (your   …Continue Reading

AWS Customer Support not like Amazon.com’s

AWS, or Amazon Web Services is Amazon.com’s cloud computing arm. They do some pretty cool stuff like S3 storage and EC2 cloud computing. Recently EC2 announced the availability of a free cloud “instance” (basically a linux box running in the cloud).  (google ‘aws free tier’ for info).  Publicaly they say it is to “To help new AWS customers get started in the   …Continue Reading

WHR-HP-G54 running OpenVPN

Today I set up a second wired+wireless network in my home – this one running a secure VPN (provided by StrongVPN). What follows is my setup experience, and some links that were helpful to me.  YMMV. Firstly I had to install the DD-WRT firmware. This is an open source firmware that runs on a bunch of   …Continue Reading

A tale of 2M

If you want something done right, do it yourself :-/ I moved into this house back in February.  It has a 1M unlimited internet connection.  I was happy with this at the time, it was better than anything I used throughout 2009, but nevertheless I asked to be upgraded to the best available.  The account is   …Continue Reading

Steven Conroy Announces Additional Protocol Filtering

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: Today Steven Conroy accepted the mounting criticism that his proposed “Great Firewall of China – Down Under” would be inept at achieving it’s stated goal of preventing distribution of refused-classification material due to only filtering web traffic. Henceforth, he directed the engineering team to add the GOPHER, TELNET and LIBERAL.ORG.AU protocols to the   …Continue Reading


Gigamom is clueless on the actual problem, confusing cellular and WiFi. The issue isn’t Jobs asking people to turn off their abusive MiFis,or AT&T’s problematic network. It’s that devices like the MiFi are an incredibly stupid replacement for a one-foot USB cable, which is all these audience members were using it for. 802.11 does not   …Continue Reading

Why is there no iPhone to iPad tethering?

So I have an iPhone.  It’s always in my pocket.  It has a 3G connection. I can share the 3G Connection to a laptop. So why the hell can’t I share this connection to an iPad? Even a Jobs-derided “Net Book” can use the iPhone’s 3G connection. What’s worse is that this is not only   …Continue Reading