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A Concise Guide to Social Media

or, the role of social media in today’s internet Facebook – Useful way to keep in touch with (or keep tabs on) people you can’t really be arsed keeping in touch with (or stalking) for real. Twitter – fun way to communicate with friends and receive news in a nicely abridged fashion, without all the other cruft.   …Continue Reading

GMail Labs features you should enable

I highly recommend checking out the GMail labs features, Settings -> Labs.  Got some useful ones in there. Default ‘Reply to all’ – changes default reply action to ‘Reply All’ Title Tweaks – re-orders the title Inserting images – embed images into a post (useful, but a little buggy) Forgotten Attachment Detector – reminds you   …Continue Reading

Safer php filenames

So you’re storing user files in your PHP app, but you are worried about security (as you should). Two bad things you might encounter (amongst others): a filename with “../” so as to overwrite arbitrary files on your server, or a filename with .php in it (to run arbitrary code). I read this idea, but   …Continue Reading

Sharing the Internet to your iPhone from your MacBook (securely)

OK so the iPhone doesn’t use your computers internet when connected via USB. Why? I dunno it’s one of the sadly lacking features on an otherwise awesome device. Sharing the net however via ad-hoc wifi is easy. In System Preferences, go to “Sharing”, select Internet Sharing (don’t tick it yet), tick ‘Airport’ then tick ‘Internet   …Continue Reading