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A safer failsafe for beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler

As my brother succinctly put it “iOS likes to crash”. One such crash that can easily happen when you use background tasks is for your app to be killed for running the background task longer than the allotted time (generally 10 minutes). The standard practice for avoiding this issue is to end the task you   …Continue Reading

Changes to how Rails 3.2.13 and 4.0 encodes unicode in JSON

Heads up: how Rails handles unicode in JSON has changed in rails 3.2.13 and 4.0. Previously unicode characters would be encoded with \u1234 notation. This encoding was actually a bit buggy, anything over two bytes (e.g. outside the Basic Multilingual Plane) would not render correctly1. With 3.2.13 and 4.0, Rails now just passes through UTF-8.   …Continue Reading

iOS Contact Syncing

Somewhere along the line my contacts stopped syncing with my Mac. Easiest solution was to push everything through iCloud, and disable direct contact syncing. Fine by me, I’m happy to have the backup as well.

When you have too many apps in iOS…

iOS behaves oddly when you have more app than fit on the 11 allowed homescreen pages. Additional apps are installed. You can find them by searching. But you can’t see them on the home screen, and thus you can’t delete them. What’s worse, is that making room on the final home page still doesn’t show these   …Continue Reading

Why does iTunes need my password so often?

I’ve never used a service which forces me to enter my password as many times as Apple does my AppleID for iTunes and iOS. Sure, if I’m buying a $100 app, or maybe even a $1 app I could expect it. But for free apps, free updates, and simply accessing my iTunes match account it   …Continue Reading

iPad RFE – Show Photos from SD Card

I love my iPad. Well, I do use it a little bit less now I have a kindle for ebooks (lets face it, eink nicer to read for black&white content than a glowing screen, even a resolutionary one, more on that later). I even bought the $30 camera connection kit (before I found the ¥20   …Continue Reading

Another Year, another Symbolication Problem

For me, this is an annual event it seems: struggling to get XCode to symbolicate stuff so it’s actually useful. The task: get symbols in my Instruments so I can see which bloody method is taking 10 seconds to execute. The problem always seems to be Spotlight, which is used to locate the builds. To   …Continue Reading

[[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier] Substitute

Identifying devices uniquely is handy. Apple deprecated their uniqueIdentifier property, with the severe warning “Do not use the uniqueIdentifier property”, so it’s time to migrate before they remove it altogether or start rejecting apps *sigh*. With that in mind, I created a replacement method for UIDevice: UDID. It uses the device’s MAC address to generate   …Continue Reading

AppleIDs and multiple iOS developer accounts

“In the iOS Development Ecosystem the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The iOS Developer Users who create apps and the iTunesConnect Users who upload the apps. These are their stories.” An iOS team is actually in two parts: the iOS Developer Team, accessed via the Member Center, and a completely   …Continue Reading

NSDateFormatter format specifiers

Ever wanted the list of format specifiers? As per the docs, it is here. Anything in single quotes is put through as-is.