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Why there won’t be a GPS Log HD

When you port your App to the iPad, one of the first choices you get is whether to create a separate product, or a fat (i.e. “universal”) binary. It seems that many folks on the App store, including several apps in the GPS/travel space have gone done the separate-product route. Perhaps I understand why they   …Continue Reading

iPad Simulator crashes if a UIDatePicker is in a UIPopoverController

Just had one of those afternoons, where you waste 2 hours trying to debug some really strange crash in fairly simple code only to find that the API is at fault. I have a UIDatePicker which I present in a (custom) UIAlertView used on the iPhone.   On the iPad it makes sense to use   …Continue Reading

Why is there no iPhone to iPad tethering?

So I have an iPhone.  It’s always in my pocket.  It has a 3G connection. I can share the 3G Connection to a laptop. So why the hell can’t I share this connection to an iPad? Even a Jobs-derided “Net Book” can use the iPhone’s 3G connection. What’s worse is that this is not only   …Continue Reading

Porting to iPad

Some useful resources for the task: iPad Programming Guide Thanks to Ray Wenderlitch for his excellent iPad porting tutorial Info from Apple on how to configure the universal binary: Follow these steps to build a universal application that will run on both iPad and iPhone: Set the Base SDK build setting (in the Architectures section)   …Continue Reading