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Save Power, Underclock the iPhone (A Suggestion for Apple)

With each iPhone, the battery capacity increases, but the power needs also increase, keeping the lifespan largely unchanged. Why not allow underclocking to save power? Something like this: you have a shiny new iPhone4S with a higher capacity battery you are going out for a long day and need the power to last. So you   …Continue Reading

Mobifone 3G Vietnam

Bought a SIM card for 50,000, seemed to have 50,005 credit. Not bad. Internet setup details (use Chrome to translate easily) What I did: Activate: sms CAIDAT_DATA to 999 Check Balance: call *101# Activate Package: sms DK M50 to 999  (will activate package M50, see below). Check Package: sms CHECK DATA to 999 APN: m-wap Username&Password: mms iPhone4 config (others) I actually got 750MB   …Continue Reading

GPL Stupidity – MobileVLC removed from App Store

MobileVLC (VLC for iOS) is one of the best apps ever for iOS. It’s not that it delivers on a new use-case (as say I hope does GPS Log) – it’s that it fills a massive hole in Apple’s platform in that it lets you play video files. All of them. No more did we need to:   …Continue Reading

Downloading the iOS (iPhone) SDK on Bad Connections

The iPhone SDK is now a whopping 3.5GB. As a developer you will be downloading these multiple times per year, especially if you want betas. It would be nice if Apple was so kind as to provide patches, or torrents (hell this option would be more reliable *and* save them bandwidth). Anyone on a sub-4M   …Continue Reading

iDOS / DOSpad

Seems like I missed quite a storm last night while I was sound asleep. Somebody released iDOS – a DOS emulator (based on the open source dosbox) onto the App Store.  It lasted a few hours, people managed to run Warcraft 2 and even Windows, until it was pulled (no surprise there, Apple explicitly restrict executing   …Continue Reading

Ability to Downgrade iPhones

There are many legitimate reasons to downgrade iPhones. As a user, perhaps you just don’t like the new OS. As a developer, I have a need to test my App on all OS versions my users may reasonably use. I even have a spare iPhone I use just for testing. Alas, Apple only allow the   …Continue Reading

Why there won’t be a GPS Log HD

When you port your App to the iPad, one of the first choices you get is whether to create a separate product, or a fat (i.e. “universal”) binary. It seems that many folks on the App store, including several apps in the GPS/travel space have gone done the separate-product route. Perhaps I understand why they   …Continue Reading


Gigamom is clueless on the actual problem, confusing cellular and WiFi. The issue isn’t Jobs asking people to turn off their abusive MiFis,or AT&T’s problematic network. It’s that devices like the MiFi are an incredibly stupid replacement for a one-foot USB cable, which is all these audience members were using it for. 802.11 does not   …Continue Reading

Why is there no iPhone to iPad tethering?

So I have an iPhone.  It’s always in my pocket.  It has a 3G connection. I can share the 3G Connection to a laptop. So why the hell can’t I share this connection to an iPad? Even a Jobs-derided “Net Book” can use the iPhone’s 3G connection. What’s worse is that this is not only   …Continue Reading

A new App Store low

$1 apps are one thing. Now people are releasing 15 games in 1, for $1. Wow… Seems like Apple needs to add some new pricing categories, especially for games. I suggest: $0.19 $0.09 and, my personal preference: $0.01 Just think about it – at 0.01, your audience could be HUGE!!!!!!!!%!!!!! Enjoy your instant noodle dinners!