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Changes to how Rails 3.2.13 and 4.0 encodes unicode in JSON

Heads up: how Rails handles unicode in JSON has changed in rails 3.2.13 and 4.0. Previously unicode characters would be encoded with \u1234 notation. This encoding was actually a bit buggy, anything over two bytes (e.g. outside the Basic Multilingual Plane) would not render correctly1. With 3.2.13 and 4.0, Rails now just passes through UTF-8.   …Continue Reading

json-framework (now SBJSON) is EVIL

I just had an unforgivable bug due to the json-framework JSON library. It was a regression, as it previously worked well a year ago. When I updated the library back in June, there was a massive flaw: all NSNumbers in NSDictionaries converted to JSON (a pretty common occurance) are limited to 6 significant digits. so   …Continue Reading