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Finder Tip

File browsing on OS X, is not always the most easy experience, but I have found some optimisations recently. I tend to find I have a Finder window open, a Bash shell open and at times need to locate files in an open-file app dialog. The first two (Finder & Bash) can be linked quite   …Continue Reading

Installing Windows7 on a new MacMini Using Lion

Here are my steps for installing Windows7 from a DVD on a new MacMini via bootcamp, without needing an external DVD drive for that mac, as always YMMV. You’ll need: 1. A windows DVD 2. Another Mac with a DVD drive, e.g. your MacBook Pro (if you need to make the ISO) 3. USB storage   …Continue Reading

Turbocharging git on Mac OS X

This weekend I discovered two awesome graphical tools to improve my git experience on Mac OS X: The most awesome is KDiff3 (search for ‘Apple Mac OSX binary’ on that page for the Mac binary). This is a three-way merge tool with an editing panel below. Seriously where has this been all my life? Amazing.   …Continue Reading

Review: Clarify (Mac App)

If you’ve ever had to explain a sequence of computer steps to someone, then you need the Mac App ‘Clarify’… my life is so much easier now :) Download It helps you take a bunch of screenshots (or you can import any you already have via the clipboard, right click open, etc), then annotate the   …Continue Reading

Useful Mac Tools & Upgrade Musings

So my unibody mac has passed it’s one year birthday. Awesome piece of hardware (and software), been really great to me. One complaint – occasionally my fan starts making abnormal noises. Not just the high RPM noise, but another more disturbing rattling noise. I may need to get it repaired, which I’m OK with – just not   …Continue Reading


in finder will dismiss all finder windows. which is good because they seem to breed like rabbits – and can persist even when you reboot.

iPhone Video Mac

Two very useful tools for getting video on an iPhone: KeepVid – Lets you download iPhone compatiable (and high quality) MP4 files direct from YouTube – just wack the YouTube URL in the box and you’re done. Thanks Pete. MPEG StreamClip – it’s not often you find a useful and free video tool – but   …Continue Reading