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Finder Tip

File browsing on OS X, is not always the most easy experience, but I have found some optimisations recently. I tend to find I have a Finder window open, a Bash shell open and at times need to locate files in an open-file app dialog. The first two (Finder & Bash) can be linked quite   …Continue Reading

When the thumbnail resize bar doesn’t work in OS X Lion

I’ve encountered this bug for many years now and it shits me to tears. OS X has this great little thumbnail resize bar at the bottom right of Finder’s status bar that lets you change the size of photos you are viewing in Finder. It’s a great way to explore your travel photos, without any   …Continue Reading

Macbook exhaust fans spinning up at night? Check your screensaver!

I often leave my Mac running overnight, and I sleep in the same room. I kept noticing something that annoyed me which was the fans would often start whirring at full pelt just as I was going to sleep. The strange thing is that my MacBook (especially the new one) rarely makes a sound during   …Continue Reading

wow, OS X

OS X really makes setting up a LAMP service dead easy. I need to do some offline dev (and lets face it, I’m very sick of uploading over slow connections). Apache and PHP are installed out of the box. Yep – installed *by default* on everyone’s OS X install, not just developers. This is used   …Continue Reading