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Man up and install MediaWiki in the Root Directory

[Editors note: items italicised in this post are meant to be read in a sarcastic ghooostly like tone, the reader is welcome to replace ‘Men’ for ‘Women’ and ‘Boys’ for ‘Girls’ in their own minds as the read this, the intent is not to be sexist] Apparently installing MediaWiki in the root directory is bad, and if   …Continue Reading

Windows vs Mac vs Linux

I’ve long stopped caring what OS *other* people use. But to me, this describes the 3 of them perfectly (from the Android Developer manual): Setup your system to detect your device. If you’re developing on Windows, you need to install a USB driver for adb. See the Windows USB Driver documentation. If you’re developing on   …Continue Reading

Why there won’t be a GPS Log HD

When you port your App to the iPad, one of the first choices you get is whether to create a separate product, or a fat (i.e. “universal”) binary. It seems that many folks on the App store, including several apps in the GPS/travel space have gone done the separate-product route. Perhaps I understand why they   …Continue Reading

Refunding Airline Taxes

We all know if you buy a cheap, non-refundable ticket, then chance your mind you’re pretty much boned for getting a refund. And maybe fair enough, you knew it was non-refundable, and this is how the airline can make it so cheap (or so they say). However, this BBC article makes an extremely good point:   …Continue Reading

On Vuvuzelas

Not a bad take on it I think. Think rugby union’s governing bodies are being a bit square – Will Carling’s 57 old f*rts if you like. The Tri Nations series has already banned them, and now the World Cup in New Zealand next year is following suit, as befits an old school tie/public school   …Continue Reading

Why is there no iPhone to iPad tethering?

So I have an iPhone.  It’s always in my pocket.  It has a 3G connection. I can share the 3G Connection to a laptop. So why the hell can’t I share this connection to an iPad? Even a Jobs-derided “Net Book” can use the iPhone’s 3G connection. What’s worse is that this is not only   …Continue Reading

A new App Store low

$1 apps are one thing. Now people are releasing 15 games in 1, for $1. Wow… Seems like Apple needs to add some new pricing categories, especially for games. I suggest: $0.19 $0.09 and, my personal preference: $0.01 Just think about it – at 0.01, your audience could be HUGE!!!!!!!!%!!!!! Enjoy your instant noodle dinners!

Give Apple a Break

I’ve got no issue with people modding/hacking their iphones (even as a developer myself), or any hardware they own for that matter. But please. Don’t blame Apple for viruses/malware that f*ck you up when you do. This “worm”, and the subsequent more malicious versions only run on hacked iPhones. You run unauthorised software on the   …Continue Reading

GPS Log – Price Tag

iPhone users really have come to expect a bargain.  Odd considering how much cash they forked out for the phone.  But so many people discounting their Apps in a desperate bid for popularity (it’s based on downloads, not downloads * price, which encourages $1 apps), the prices are generally undervalued (that – and there’s a   …Continue Reading