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Pinterest’s ‘New User Experience’ Fails to Deliver

I was watching Ben Silbermann’s interview at D11 where he states (22:53): The experience that I’m really interested is when someone new joins Pinterest on any device how do we make it incredibly easy for them to understand what Pinterest is and to pair them up with other people in the world that share their   …Continue Reading

When you have too many apps in iOS…

iOS behaves oddly when you have more app than fit on the 11 allowed homescreen pages. Additional apps are installed. You can find them by searching. But you can’t see them on the home screen, and thus you can’t delete them. What’s worse, is that making room on the final home page still doesn’t show these   …Continue Reading

Mobile Design Patterns

Great roundup of mobile design patterns. Hope they keep the historical ones as these apps change, it’s always interesting to see how apps evolve.

Offline GMail

  When I tried to use GMail on the plane (I had used this app earlier in the day to ensure the cache was up to date): Am I missing something? Next time I won’t close that tab…