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Bug Report: Build packs on Heroku are not fully applied if you specify the BUILDPACK_URL after creation

This is an issue I am having when trying to use a custom buildpack with Heroku. The intent of the buildpack is to update the version of ImageMagick on the heroku dyno which is over 2 years old.

Fonts are to SVG what spritemaps are to PNG

I’m a huge fan of vector graphics and the SVG – especially when your source is vector. Why rasterise, and give yourself headaches supporting different sizes and screen resolutions? Only catch is, you can’t use a sprite-map with SVG like you can PNG (well you might be able to, but lets face it SVG support   …Continue Reading

Adding a certificate chain to Heroku

SSL endpoint on Heroku rocks.  However, sometimes your certificates (like ones from PositiveSSL) need additional certificates to establish the chain of trust. In my case, I have a Wildcard cert from PositiveSSL. $ heroku certs:add STAR_mydomain_com.crt mykey.key –app myapp Adding SSL endpoint to myapp… done geospike-production-endpoint now served by aichi-1111.herokussl.com Certificate details: subject: /OU=Domain Control Validated/OU=PositiveSSL   …Continue Reading

Another Year, another Symbolication Problem

For me, this is an annual event it seems: struggling to get XCode to symbolicate stuff so it’s actually useful. The task: get symbols in my Instruments so I can see which bloody method is taking 10 seconds to execute. The problem always seems to be Spotlight, which is used to locate the builds. To   …Continue Reading

Hashbangs vs pushState

When Twitter jumped on the hashbang bandwagon, it prompted me to consider it too. I even did up a quick prototype on Geospike to see it working. Something made me uneasy though, so I put in on ice. I’m happy I did, as these are some very convincing arguments against hashbangs, and for pushState. Using   …Continue Reading

stdin, stdout, stderr with proc_open in PHP

Want to use PHP as part of your toolchain? It’s a bit painful. If you want to pipe in some data from memory, and read it back into memory (why not! using tmp files is for wimps). here’s the solution, thanks to richard at 2006 dot atterer dot net // $command is the command to   …Continue Reading

[[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier] Substitute

Identifying devices uniquely is handy. Apple deprecated their uniqueIdentifier property, with the severe warning “Do not use the uniqueIdentifier property”, so it’s time to migrate before they remove it altogether or start rejecting apps *sigh*. With that in mind, I created a replacement method for UIDevice: UDID. It uses the device’s MAC address to generate   …Continue Reading

Turbocharging git on Mac OS X

This weekend I discovered two awesome graphical tools to improve my git experience on Mac OS X: The most awesome is KDiff3 (search for ‘Apple Mac OSX binary’ on that page for the Mac binary). This is a three-way merge tool with an editing panel below. Seriously where has this been all my life? Amazing.   …Continue Reading

Migrating data in a Rails migration

Turns out it’s easy to whack any old piece of code into the migration for migrating your data, for example these work well for some arbitrary SQL statements (I used UPDATE ones…) ActiveRecord::Base.connection.select_one(‘SELECT COUNT(*) FROM mytable’) ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(‘SELECT * FROM mytable’) Thanks revgeorge.

AppleIDs and multiple iOS developer accounts

“In the iOS Development Ecosystem the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The iOS Developer Users who create apps and the iTunesConnect Users who upload the apps. These are their stories.” An iOS team is actually in two parts: the iOS Developer Team, accessed via the Member Center, and a completely   …Continue Reading