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Working around ‘error: failed to push some refs’ on Heroku

I had a bad week this week trying to spin up some new Heroku dynos, getting loads of “pack-objects died of signal 13” which is basically the connection being interrupted, even on our relatively small 130MB repo. The Problem: the initial push to Heroku takes a while and can fail especially on large repositories. If   …Continue Reading

Switching to Rubinus on OS X & Heroku

Rubinus is a ruby VM written in C with true parallelism support, and a cool design that attempts to write as much of the interpreter as possible in ruby itself. It’s been developed for a few years now, with financial supported by Engine Yard and is stating to mature. Heroku have included it as pre-installed   …Continue Reading

Puma on Heroku with MRI

Or, How to use Puma like Unicorn I’ve been reading some very good things about Puma (all-Rack stack, proper thread support, & more). I gave it a try with the thread-friendly Rails4, on the thread-friendly Rubinius. To my surprise, the heroku+rails4+puma+rubinius performance was woeful. I’m not sure what I got wrong, but I was seeing   …Continue Reading

Bug Report: Build packs on Heroku are not fully applied if you specify the BUILDPACK_URL after creation

This is an issue I am having when trying to use a custom buildpack with Heroku. The intent of the buildpack is to update the version of ImageMagick on the heroku dyno which is over 2 years old.

Adding a certificate chain to Heroku

SSL endpoint on Heroku rocks. ¬†However, sometimes your certificates (like ones from¬†PositiveSSL) need additional certificates to establish the chain of trust. In my case, I have a Wildcard cert from PositiveSSL. $ heroku certs:add STAR_mydomain_com.crt mykey.key –app myapp Adding SSL endpoint to myapp… done geospike-production-endpoint now served by aichi-1111.herokussl.com Certificate details: subject: /OU=Domain Control Validated/OU=PositiveSSL   …Continue Reading